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Steep Allotment Society July-August 2010

The Steep Allotment Society presented their plans to the Parish Council on 14th June and these were positively received. The Parish Council has now agreed to hold a separate meeting, acting in their capacity as Trustees for the land, in order to consider the proposal more fully. If the Trustees are supportive, the intention is that they will then liaise with the Charity Commission in order to obtain the necessary consents. The Allotment Society hopes to work closely with the all parties to ensure matters progress as quickly as possible.

In anticipation of a positive outcome fundraising for the allotment project is underway with some generous donations already received (thank you again to those involved). Details of specific fundraising activities will be communicated soon (see diary dates). Generous support has already been provided in the form of design, general professional advice and project management. Offers from a number of people have been made to provide both labour and machinery, such that the initiative will be a true community project. A detailed project plan has been prepared with timelines set with a view to completing the bulk of the work by early October.  Information from Suzi Openshaw – 231697