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February 2010


Sale of land at Church Road: An e-mail to the Clerk was referenced and the main points raised and discussed:

  • The P.C. should confirm the land is held on Trust and that as Trustees the Parish Council are bound by the Charities Act;
  • That the P.C. confirm the land is held on Trust for the purpose of providing allotments;
  • That the P.C. writes to Hyde terminating further discussions on disposal of the land as continuance will place the Parish Council in breach of the provisions of the Charities Act.

A question was also raised with regard to how Parish Councillors intend to manage the conflict of interest between their role as Trustee of the land and their position on the Parish Council.

The Chairman stated that legal advice is being sought. So far this has been inconclusive and the Parish Council has been advised to seek Counsel to establish the facts of the situation. An estimate for this has been requested but has not yet been received.

With regard to discussions with Hyde, the Chairman said that the Solicitor’s advice was that there is no need for the Parish Council to take this course of action.
Allotments: It was pointed out that if the land in question is held in Trust for the purpose of providing allotments, these should be provided.